Architecture Thesis – Exhibition

presented by Mylène Moliner-Roy

This exhibition presents a thesis completed during my Master of Architecture at the McGill University School of Architecture.

Architects speculate, they dream and create, and this is what a thesis is about; a vision to provoke thought and debate about the built environment, our heritage and our legacy. With this in mind, Dreaming North Hatley, draws a conceptual framework to speculate about the future of North Hatley, a place I call home.

This study of North-Hatley and its distinguished, yet fragile, character is an opportunity to reflect on the importance of the ‘sense of a place’ and the threats of ‘placelessness’ common to modern construction. A theme that is topical to the 21st century where globalization is palpable. In these changing times, I invite villagers to dream with me about the future of this charming place, and I hope this exhibition will stimulate discussions within the North Hatley community.


Mylène Moliner-Roy

Dreaming North Hatley